The new year is here and we have a shit load of stuff going on.
DIMEBAG and VAGAYTION/GAYCATION we be available on Friday the 13th at our show at The Bikery.
We just finished recording everything but vocals for a tape on HUMAN BEARD RECORDS, our split with DRUMS LIKE MACHINE GUNS and our split with WAKE THE MACHINES.
We have been trying to get the HULK SMASH split tape out but have been dealing with a shitty tape place so we’re saying fuck it and cutting our losses and getting a quote from someone else. sorry for the delay.
There were also some problems with the SHIT WEATHER split that we’re trying to get fixed.
The MARADONA split is in the plant as we speak. Should have it by late winter/early spring.
We’ve been asked to be on a HIS HERO IS GONE cover tape comp. Pretty stoked for that.


split with HULK SMASH tape just got mastered. getting sent out this week for press hopefully.
splits with SHIT WEATHER and MARADONA forms being filled out and mailed before this weekend.
VAGAYTION/GAYCATION 4″ and DIMEBAG 5.5″ should be here any day now.
split 6″ with WAKE THE MACHINES has been CONFIRMED!
20ish new songs are being worked on and recorded for the splits with DRUMS LIKE MACHINE GUNS, TOOTH DECAY, APE + more
possible LIVE SPLIT being talked about.
hopefully we can finish all the packaging for “GAYTHEISM” by the end of the month.
look for an upcoming interview with us here- DEAF SPARROW ZINE

We got a fucked up awesome write up in the Philadelphia Weekly Blog. Thanks to Elliott Sharp.

“Hirs might be the best band in Philadelphia because you can listen to their entire discography in under 20 minutes. You can listen to the 8-song Vagaytion/Gaycation 4-inch in under one minute. These jerks crammed 10 songs on one side of a 7-inch and called the thing Worship. I seriously doubt anyone down at the fancy-pants downtown offices of Make Major Moves is gonna agree with me, but this is the best Philly shit since Gamble & Huff or DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince.”


here’s the link: This Week Out Print

‘WORSHIP’ one sided 7″ is available for order starting today! go to the merch section for info. keep grindin’. +H+

Got the ‘WORSHIP’ 7″s in the mail today. Just have to screen the covers and finish the insert and these will be good to go! Sent out all the stuff for the ‘DIMEBAG’ square 5 1/2″ and the ‘VAGAYTION/GAYCATION’ 4″ today. So we should have those in the next couple months. Sending out everything for the split 7″ with amazing friends MARADONA this week. Our split 5″x7″ postcard with TOWERS is finally done and ready to send out. Check our merch section to get your grubby hands on it. Keep grindin’. +H+

slowly but surely and with the power of our Dark Lord Dog, this site is coming together.