“THE FIRST 100 SONGS” LP is finally fucking out!!!!

also you can watch the 99% finished Australian Tour DVD here:

in short:
we’ve played a FUCKTON of shows over the last few months.
we have very few lined up before HALLOWEEN, which is when our SUCCESSFULLY FUNDED 100 LP CUMS OUT OF THE FUCKING CLOSET!

just ordered a shit load of new stickers, buttons, patches and two new shirt designs.
the 100 song Lp is being mastered at the plant as we type this and will have test presses in a few weeks.

keep checking out facebook for more frequent updates.


we’re using KICKSTARTER as a pre-order for our Lp “THE FIRST 100 SONGS” and Australian Tour DVD plus other crazy shit including a GRIND THE PIGS t-shirt, a GRIND THE PIGS poster, a new tape coming out this summer ect! check it out!



It has been a long time since we have been able to update this BUTT we’re back and in full effect!
we have a few show’s coming up including RIOT FEST with REFUSED, PROMISE RING, BOY SETS FIRE, OFF and more.
sheer weird luck for us. stoked!
Hopefully we will have a physical version of THE FIRST 100 SONGS for the fest. including 5 unreleased songs. 5 remixes by CYG, DRUMS LIKE MACHINE GUNS, PLASMA36, NOISEBEAR and TRUE NEUTRAL, an AUSTRALIAN TOUR DVD and some other totally fucked extras.

we now have a bigcartel that kinda helps us get you your records n shit faster and easier. go to our merch section to check it out.

we have a giant THANK YOU list for all of the amazing help and friends we made on tour. but most importantly to TARA from ONE BRICK TODAY RECORDS and SHIT WEATHER!!! FUCK YES THANK YOU WE LOVE YOU!

hail satan.

It’s ben a long time since the last update.
We played some fucking insane amazing shows in the last month and are leaving tomorrow for our AUSTRALIAN TOUR with amazing friends/grinders SHIT WEATHER!
Our first show on tour will be the release show for our one sided split 7″ with SHIT WEATHER and the collection tape ‘GAYTHEISM’ that compiles our first 69 songs.
We have had a shit ton of releases since the last update too. the split tapes with DRUMS LIKE MACHINE GUNS, HULK SMASH, TOOTH DECAY, and NIMBUS TERRIFIX are out. Along with the split 7″ with MARADONA and the 10 song tape NUNMILK.
we only have a few copies left of the first pressing of WORSHIP but we just got the 2nd press in the mail today that will most likely be limited to the Australian Tour considering we only got 69 pressed on HOT PINK VINYL with ALLLLL HOT PINK PACKAGING!

merch will be available when we’re back from tour unless you wanna fly down and hang out!


got trax from NIMBUS TERRIFIX today for our upcoming split!
the split 7″ with MARADONA is available starting tomorrow. $5ppd
GAYTHEISM will be out any day now in Australia.

FINALLY! “DIMEBAG” is ready to be ordered!
Again- we only had 20 lathe cuts made so only 10 will made available online!
THE FIRST TEN EMAILS WE GET AFTER MIDNIGHT TONIGHT at HIRS666@GMAIL.COM will reap the benefits of our Dark Lord Dog!
they will be $6.66 ppd

thanks to MUSIC FOR VULTURES for this interview.

we also have some fucking amazing news coming up in the next couple of days…

The new 10 song tape that will be out this spring on HUMAN BEARD RECORDS is up for listen / download here