It has been a long time since we have been able to update this BUTT we’re back and in full effect!
we have a few show’s coming up including RIOT FEST with REFUSED, PROMISE RING, BOY SETS FIRE, OFF and more.
sheer weird luck for us. stoked!
Hopefully we will have a physical version of THE FIRST 100 SONGS for the fest. including 5 unreleased songs. 5 remixes by CYG, DRUMS LIKE MACHINE GUNS, PLASMA36, NOISEBEAR and TRUE NEUTRAL, an AUSTRALIAN TOUR DVD and some other totally fucked extras.

we now have a bigcartel that kinda helps us get you your records n shit faster and easier. go to our merch section to check it out.

we have a giant THANK YOU list for all of the amazing help and friends we made on tour. but most importantly to TARA from ONE BRICK TODAY RECORDS and SHIT WEATHER!!! FUCK YES THANK YOU WE LOVE YOU!

hail satan.

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