The new year is here and we have a shit load of stuff going on.
DIMEBAG and VAGAYTION/GAYCATION we be available on Friday the 13th at our show at The Bikery.
We just finished recording everything but vocals for a tape on HUMAN BEARD RECORDS, our split with DRUMS LIKE MACHINE GUNS and our split with WAKE THE MACHINES.
We have been trying to get the HULK SMASH split tape out but have been dealing with a shitty tape place so we’re saying fuck it and cutting our losses and getting a quote from someone else. sorry for the delay.
There were also some problems with the SHIT WEATHER split that we’re trying to get fixed.
The MARADONA split is in the plant as we speak. Should have it by late winter/early spring.
We’ve been asked to be on a HIS HERO IS GONE cover tape comp. Pretty stoked for that.


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